Safefood Team

safefood consulting, a division of eBiz Professionals Inc., has over 15 years combined experience in food safety program implementation and risk communication.

safefood's consultants have ready access to the latest and best in research and can draw on the expertise of international leaders in food safety, agricultural technologies and related issues.

Our consultants can provide guidance and support for a number of different activities including preparation for audits, risk management and risk communication, food product development and crisis planning.

Katija Blaine Morley

Katija Morley is a senior consultant specializing in food safety risk management and communication. Katija completed a B.A.Sc. in applied human nutrition and a M.Sc. in food safety and quality assurance at the University of Guelph. Katija is a certified CanadaGAP producer and auditor trainer and has been involved with the development of training materials for the Canadian Horticulture Council and the Canadian Sheep Federation. Since 2000, she has worked with a variety of sectors throughout the agri-food industry to help them manage product-specific and operationally driven risks with a particular focus on food safety. She has directed several different projects including an on-farm food safety program for Ontario Tender Fruit growers and a literature and synthesis paper on the linkages between environmental sources of foodborne risks and human health outcomes.

Ben Chapman

Chapman is frequently among the first to be called in North America when food safety and related problems arise in the agri-food industry. As an associate of eBiz, he has worked extensively with the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable growers to develop, evaluate and improve their on-farm food safety program. For the past 10 years Chapman has been studying and involved in food safety risk analysis, focusing on the management and communication of specific contamination events, how to react to them and avoid illness. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Chapman supports Extension Agents in over 90 counties across the state, focusing on consumer, retail, production and foodservice food safety issues. Dr. Chapman has designed, implemented and evaluated on-farm food safety programs; consulted for industry and government around food safety issues and conducted observation studies at community dinners, foodservice, farmers' markets and in food production settings.