Safefood Projects

safefood consulting has been contracted by the OTFPMB for the fifth year in a row to help Ontario Tender Fruit Producers implement the CHC CanadaGAP program and prepare for their third party audits. Under the project, safefood has conducted on-site visits with over 150 different tender fruit and grape growers, packers and shippers, representing approximately 95% of the industry's production.

A typical pre-season visit involves a walk-through of the packing line - or where the packing line would be located - addressing potential problem areas, a pre-season water sample (if water was running), and discussion of food safety concerns. In-season visits involve a walk-through of the operation during packing (or for those who do not pack, a field visit or facility overview) including observations of facility upkeep, storage, personal hygiene facilities, pest control and transport areas, and a review of documentation (for those growers who have already implemented their food safety plan) or an overview of applicable documentation (for those growers new to the food safety program).

Feedback is provided to producers at each step of the consultation, in addition a checklist of key areas is provided to growers, outlining areas of concern during consultations. Return visits are provided to growers who are overwhelmed by the program in one visit, or growers who require signage, translated or customized forms, or training materials.

safefood consulting has been contracted by the OTFPMB for the 2011 growing season to help Ontario Apple Growers implement the new version of the CanadaGAP manual.

safefood will be conducting 5 pre-season workshops for growers and packers on the new CHC on-farm food safety requirements. New communications materials and tools, as well as the new manuals, will be printed and distributed at the workshops in June 2011.

safefood consulting recently developed auditor training materials for the Canadian Sheep Federation. The training materials included an auditor handbook and training guide, which contains training slides and activities.

Our consultants also helped the Canadian Sheep Federation revise their auditor checklist and developed an implementation kit for producers.

safefood consulting was contracted by OMAFRA to provide consulting services to assist in the implementation and evaluation of the ADVANTAGE Good Agricultural Practices OFFS Manual.

safefood assisted in improving the OFFS manual as a communication tool. The evaluation involved six pilot farms from multiple commodity groups including livestock, fresh produce, grains and oil seeds.

Katija Morley, safefood's lead consultant recently worked with the Canadian Horticulture Council (CHC) providing technical expertise and advice for their On-Farm Food Safety Program. Katija is responsible for a variety of tasks, some of which include assisting with the development of: the CHC OFFS management system, auditor training materials and communication and training materials and other implementation tools for producers/packers. Katija is currently the trainer for CHC's auditor training program, which means she has trained almost all of the CanadaGAP certified auditors.