Safefood Services

safefood consulting has over 10 years experience working within the field of food safety practices. Over the past five years our main focus has been the implementation of on-farm food safety. We have been working with government, industry associations and our local growers to develop a program that fits and more importantly works.

  • Food safety best practices, program development and implementation
  • Accredited on-farm food safety program assistance
  • Employee hygiene training
  • Advanced food safety training within food services

Clear step by step guidance through your CanadaGAP implementation by a company that helped create it. safefood consulting has been working with the Canadian Horticulture Council for the past six years in the development and implementation of CanadaGAP, as well as the auditing process of the program.

  • Step-by-step guidance through your on-farm food safety manuals
  • Pre-audit assistance
  • Mock recall support
  • CanadaGAP OFFS manual workshops

safefood consulting works with its parent company, eBiz Professionals Inc., to design traceability strategies that meet your operational and business needs. Through on-the-ground analysis and support we're able to ensure that our traceability solutions work for you.

  • Tailored traceability strategies
  • Crisis preparedness and communication planning

Check out the following case studies for examples of some of our past traceability work conducted as part of the Canadian Food Safety and Quality Program - Food Safety Initiative Traceability Pilot Project: